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March 2017 – Australia: ”Ecstasy” capsules containing NPS are related to several deaths and severe intoxications in Melbourne

MELBOURNE, Australia – March 2017: Three deaths and at least 20 hospitalisations that occurred in Melbourne from the 15-16 January 2017 have been associated with the use of capsules that were reportedly sold as “ecstasy”, but are suspected to have contained NPS in addition to MDMA. According to the Australian Capital Territory Investigation of Novel Substances (ACTINOS) Group, the contents of these capsules were similar to those analysed in association with another patient who suffered convulsions and required hospitalisation after having used “ecstasy” capsules that were found to contain the phenethylamines fluoroamphetamine (isomer not determined) and 25C-NBOMe. In February 2017, ACTINOS issued an alert warning of the potential harm in using such pink and clear capsules, purchased and consumed as “ecstasy”.

Source: ACTINOS.


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