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June 2018 – UNODC: While seizure amounts of synthetic NPS fall, seizures of plant-based NPS reach a record high

VIENNA, Austria – June 2018: Quantities of synthetic cannabinoids and ketamine have dominated global seizures of synthetic NPS since 2012. The number of countries reporting seizures of synthetic cannabinoids has been relatively stable, but the quantities reported have declined sharply since 2014. However, in 2016, seizures of plant-based NPS surged. Some 500 tons of kratom were intercepted during 2016, triple the amount of the previous year, suggesting a boom in its popularity. Moreover, between 2012 and 2016, more than 700 tons of khat were seized by 35 countries. Although khat is not under international control, many national jurisdictions do not allow the import of khat leaves. Significant khat seizures are reported to UNODC each year, mainly by authorities of countries outside the areas of traditional use.


Figure 1. Annual quantities of new psychoactive substances seized globally, 2012 to 2016

Source: UNODC, responses to the annual report questionnaire, 2012–2016.

Note: Figures include ketamine and plant-based NPS.


For more information, please see:

UNODC World Drug Report 2018 – Booklet 3

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