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March 2018 – INCB: Synthetic cathinones and synthetic cannabinoids account for the majority of incidents reported to IONICS

VIENNA, Austria – March 2018: By November 2017, over almost a 3-year period, synthetic cathinones and synthetic cannabinoids accounted for the majority of incidents reported by Member States to the INCB Project Ion Incident Communication System (IONICS). IONICS provides national authorities with a platform to share information on incidents (such as suspicious shipments, trafficking and manufacture or production) involving NPS.

Incidents involving synthetic cathinones included substances such as methylone, mephedrone, 4-CMC, alpha-PVP, 3-MMC and NEB and involved synthetic cannabinoids such as 5F-AMB and 5F-APINACA. Since 2016, IONICS has also received reports of at least 25 incidents from three European countries involving five fentanyl analogues: acrylfentanyl, carfentanil, furanylfentanyl, butyrfentanyl and para-fluorofentanyl.


For more information, please see:

Report of the International Narcotics Control Board for 2017


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