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November 2018 – OAS/CICAD: Report on drug use in the Americas 2019 - Executive summary launched

WASHINGTON, D.C., United States – November 2018: The Report on Drug Use in the Americas 2019 highlights that in the Latin America, besides cannabis and cocaine, significant levels of use of LSD, synthetic cannabinoids, plant substances, and ketamine exist among the general population as well as among secondary school and university students. The authors further note the evolution in drug use behaviour among secondary school girls and the decreasing age of first use among both boys and girls. The trend of “ecstasy” being adulterated and/or containing a range of substances other than MDMA seems to prevail.

The report indicates the need to develop and strengthen existing early warning systems in each country and at the regional level. Such systems are crucial to identify NPS as soon as they appear and allow quick implementation of effective prevention activities.

Source: UNODC, “III Estudio epidemiológico andino sobre consumo de drogas en la población universitaria, Informe Regional, 2016”, June 2017.

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