Cesar Guedes (Peru) assumed functions in June 2021 as UNODC Representative in Afghanistan.

He brings in 27 years of UN experience in four continents with UNODC, UNDP, UNIDO and UN Volunteers in field office locations in Guyana, China, North Korea, Peru, Panama, Bolivia, Pakistan, and most recently in Mozambique; as well as HQ locations in Bonn (Germany) and Vienna (Austria).

He holds a degree in Business  Administration from the  University of Lima (Peru) as  well as a post graduate degree  in International Relations &  Development from the Institute  of Social Studies (ISS) /  Erasmus University in The  Hague, The Netherlands. He  holds a post-graduate Diploma  in International Conflict  Resolution from the United  Nations University’s  International Leadership  Academy in Amman, Jordan  and post graduate Diploma in  International Programme Development Evaluation from Carlton University in Ottawa, Canada.

He is fluent in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.