Handing over the building to the Provincial Judicial Officials of Bamyan

9 August 2010 - Within the framework of the project "Criminal Justice Capacity Building - Extension to Provinces (T03)", UNODC handed-over the building to the provincial judicial officials of Bamyan. The constructions of the building for the Justice Support Centre (JSC) and the Attorney General Office (AGO), was made possible thanks to Canadian donation.

"This building is well-equipped building and more importantly it represents a multi-purpose facility, which will both accommodate our forthcoming training and will serve as accommodation for judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys on official visit to the province", said Chief Judge Ahmadi on the opening ceremony.

He also pointed that judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys, previously staying in the local shops and restaurants were easy targets for bribes and corruption.

"This building will help us to improve efficiency, to decrease corruption within judicial actors, as well as to provide them with a secure accomodation during their stay in the city", Chief Judge Ahmadi underlined.

The representatives of Supreme Court and EUPOL, as well as members of Provincial Council, present at the event, expressed their positives views in regard to the capacity building of the justice sector, and anti-corruption efforts in the province. They have also expressed appreciation for UNODC efforts and assistance to the justice sector.

EUPOL and New Zealand's Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) representatives provided books for the news JSC legal library.