UNODC provides training in research methodology for the students at Kabul University

Photo: Fardin Waezi (UNAMA) 27 December 2010 - At Kabul University Library, 20 students of the Social Science Faculty were awarded certificates for successful completion of training on research methods. This training was provided under UNODC project I87 - Strengthening Provincial Capacity for Drug Control.

During the ceremony, the Dean of Social Science Faculty thanked UNODC for the financial support given to the non-governmental organization Eureka Research, an implementing partner of this exercise.

Ms. Ashita Mittal Deputy Representative of UNODC thanked Dean of the Faculty for his support to give opportunity to the student to attend this training and expressed hope that more trainings will take place in the future.

"The University is like universe, a place where we gather the knowledge and share that knowledge", she said.

Photo: Fardin Waezi (UNAMA): Mr. Fedotov visits clients at the Jangalak drug treatment centre in AfghanistanThe total duration of the course was four months and included twenty students. This training specifically focused on the practical challenges of field research in Afghanistan. The course aimed at strengthening research skills of the students, providing in particular the knowledge on the research design, the field research techniques (quantitative and qualitative) and enhancement of writing skills. The students expand their knowledge, but also had an opportunity to share their understanding with the fellow students from different departments.

"I hearty thanks our trainers Ms. Liana, Ms. Helen and Mr. Neer for their efforts. I learned a lot about research methodology. During the training, it was very interesting doing the practical work, but also making interview, developing questionnaire, literature review, analysing data and much more. We learned more about making a social research plan and how to do a research from beginning to end", Mr. Shokat Ali one of the student said.

Photo: Fardin Waezi (UNAMA): Mr. Fedotov visits clients at the Jangalak drug treatment centre in Afghanistan

All the students were given the opportunity to design their own field project. While one of the groups selected Kabul area, the other group went to Jalalabad. The field works according to the trainers showed significant progress in students thinking and undertaking social research.

UNODC is committed to expend the research skills of the students of the Kabul University, which will contribute to the overall capacity building in Afghanistan.