Ministry of Counter Narcotics / UNODC

Press Release: 09.00, Tuesday 23 June 2015

Launch of the Afghanistan Drug Reporting System (ADRS)

H.E. Ms. Salamat Azimi, Minister of Counter Narcotics and Mr. Andrey Avetisyan, UNODC Regional Representative today launched the 'Afghanistan Drug Reporting System' during a ceremony attended by high ranking officials from the Government of Afghanistan and international community in Kabul.

The 'Afghanistan Drug Reporting System' is the culmination of over three years of partnership between the Ministry of Counter Narcotics and UNODC to develop the first ever comprehensive and interactive online system for all counter narcotics related data on Afghanistan.

This system is informed by sector and location specific verified data from all line Ministries involved in counter narcotics related initiatives including Ministries of Justice, Interior, Public Health, Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, the Attorney General's Office, and international partners including Bureau of International Law Enforcement and UNODC.

The Ministry of Counter Narcotics views the 'Afghanistan Drug Reporting System' as a key component of its leadership and coordination role in countering narcotics.

The System will be a crucial tool for policy makers, members of the international community and all those interested in countering narcotics in Afghanistan.

They will be able to access the most up-to-date data on all available narcotics related indicators in Afghanistan - including eradication, cultivation, drug price, treatment capacity, imprisonment, alternative livelihoods and seizure to inform trend analysis, policy development and evaluation. There is also scope to expand the system as required going forward.

The 'Afghanistan Drug Reporting System' sits alongside the Annual Opium Survey and Afghanistan Drug Report as key outputs of MCN / UNODC Research Capacity- Building partnership.

This launch comes after MCN's announced of the National Mobilization Against Narcotics on International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

The 'Afghanistan Drug Reporting System' can be viewed at: