The Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan (CNPA) destroys over 20 tonnes of seized contraband

On Wednesday, 29 October 2014, Deputy Minister Baz Mohammed Ahmadi held a Drug Burning Ceremony north of Kabul in Qasaba Khana Sazi. Over 20 tonnes of seized narcotics were destroyed including 936 kilogrammes on heroin, 9,474 kilogrammes of opium, 425 kilogrammes of hashish and 968 litres of acetic anhydride, the main precursor used in the illicit manufacture of heroin. This reflects the seizures in Kabul province over the last year for which criminal proceedings have been completed. Similar ceremonies have been held in provincial centres over the last month to prevent the accumulation of seized materials and associated security risks.

The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Counter Narcotics (MCN), H.E. Mobarez Rashedi, Deputy Minister Ibrahim Azhar (MCN), members of the Parliamentary Committee on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, senior officers from the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and members of the international community.

During the ceremony, Merit Certificates were presented to officers who had made significant contributions to counter narcotics efforts in Afghanistan during the last 12 months. Included in this group was the CNPA Mobile Detection Team commander, Colonel Amhad Shah, due to the ten-fold increase his unit's seizures over this period.