67 MT of Drugs and Precursor Chemicals Destroyed by

Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan

Kabul, July 1st, 2021 - On the occasion of the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 26th June and National Mobilization Week against Drugs in Afghanistan, the Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan organized on 1 July 2021 a Drug Burning Ceremony, where over 67 MT of drugs and chemical precursors were incinerated. The event had ample media coverage (national and international).

The ceremony was attended by high-level governmental and non-governmental officials, including the Deputy Minister for Counter Narcotics of the Ministry of Interior Affairs, the newly appointed UNODC Representative and the Security and Counter Narcotics Director of the Afghanistan Lower House.

All speakers in the event highlighted the challenges of drug production and trafficking and the importance of collective efforts to counter illicit narcotics in Afghanistan.

The Deputy Minister on Counter Narcotics stated that “drugs are one of the main drivers of conflict, instability and crime as well as an essential source of financing and equipping terror groups in the country”.  

Mr. Cesar Guedes delivered a speech in the event and stated that “UNODC Afghanistan has stood firm with the Afghan government in its fight against the opiate trade. For the past decade, Afghanistan has accounted for an estimated 85 % of global illicit opiates, fueling instability and insurgency, transnational organized crime, drug consumption and HIV/AIDS. Coupled to this is the emergence of methamphetamine in the country”.

Also, he ensured UNDOC’s commitment and support to the Afghan government in combating drugs and illicit trafficking in Afghanistan. He said, “UNODC is currently developing a new Country Programme for Afghanistan (2021-2025), which is a clear indication of our unequivocal commitment to provide support to the Government of Afghanistan to tackle illicit drugs, organized crime and terrorism in all forms”.

UNODC Afghanistan supports the Evidence-Based Drug Policy as a prerequisite to ensuring health and well-being and encourage parties to take all practicable measures for the prevention of illicit drug use and for early identification, treatment, education, aftercare, rehabilitation and social reintegration.

As part of public awareness raising, UNODC through its Alternative Development sub-programme organized a campaign through social media by using hashtag #ShareFactsOnDrugs and #SaveLives, and also conducted a series of counter narcotics mainstreaming workshops for its relevant governmental counterparts to assist them in incorporating counter narcotics messages to their works.