Summer Agfair in Badam Bagh Kabul

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) organized the summer edition of the agricultural products exhibition (Agfair) in Badam Bagh, Kabul on 6-8 August 2019.  Each Autumn, Spring and Summer MAIL organizes Agfairs where agricultural and livestock products are displayed, sold and new ideas exchanged in the field of agriculture particularly on high quality seed production and food preservation. In addition to agricultural and livestock products, handicraft and handloom products traditionally woven by women in their homes were on display. The exhibition also served as a platform to facilitate market linkages as well as for the farmers and high government officials to directly interact with each other, discuss problems, issues and potential solutions.

UNODC Alternative Development Programme sponsored eight entrepreneurs from different provinces to participate at this exhibition. These entrepreneurs have been supported by UNODC to enhance their technical and production skills. All the entrepreneurs who were invited by UNODC, felt very encouraged by participating at the exhibition and stated that this kind of exhibition is important and an exceptional opportunity for them to expand and promote their agricultural products and establish market linkages at national level demonstrated by a USD 334 of sales per entrepreneur on average which equals multiple folds of their average monthly sales.