Afghan Entrepreneurs  learn about new innovative techniques and exchange ideas with farmers in Mahrashtra and  Delhi, India

UNODC Country Office for Afghanistan sponsored a group of eight Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SME) from five regions of the country to visit India from  9-18 April, 2017.

The main objectives of this exposure and study visit were; 1) to see  new development  in the processing and marketing of agriculture products 2) understand the  role and contribution  of the Public and Private Sectors 3) to see the advancement in agricultural research, extension and development of value chains; and 4) to exchange idea and establish linkages between Afghan and Indian institutions for future collaboration and cooperation.

The Afghan SMEs visited eight private and  public  based agro enterprises, namely; Abhinav Farmers, Katraj Dairy, Karamai Agro Producer Company Ltd, Agro Produce Market Committee (APMC), KrishiVigyan Kendra(KVK), Baramati, Bahulaone Agro Producer Company, National Research Centre - Grapes and  Sahyadri Farmers Producer Company Ltd.

The Afghan SMEs interacted with the farmer groups to gain information on their organization and understand their production/marketing cycle. Role of the public and private sectors in the agriculture extension services, enterprise management, application and adaptability of new agro based technologies were the key aspects that the Afghan SMEs observed.

This exposure visit opened a new window of opportunities to scale-up and adopt the successful lessons learnt in Afghanistan context, especially in grape plantation and vegetable production.  Linkages have also been established between Afghan and Indian SMEs institutions/entrepreneurs for future collaboration.

UNODC facilitated this exposure visit through funding provided by Japan (Japanese supplementary fund 2017).