Counter Narcotics Canine (K9) Project

UNODC with support from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation inaugurated the training of the Counter Narcotics Canine (K9) Staff in the Russian Federation on 21 May 2021. The K9 project, funded by the Government of Japan is being implemented under the Trilateral Cooperation signed between UNODC, Japan and the Russian Federation in October 2018 in Vienna to support establishment of a Counter Narcotics Canine (K9) unit in Afghanistan.

Concurrent to construction of the Counter Narcotics Canine (K9) Center in Kabul, 15 Afghan Dog Handlers, Head of the Unit and the Kennel Master are attending four months of intensive training with 15 service dogs and will return to Kabul in September upon successful graduation. 10 Administrative Staff of the unit are also attending one month of refresher training at the Annex of Rostov Dog Training Centre in Yegoryevsk Oblast, Moscow, Russian Federation.

The dog handlers and their service dogs will be deployed on operations upon graduation and their return to Kabul. Amongst the trainees, there are three women handlers and one women admin staff.

“I will be the first Afghan female dog handler in Afghanistan. It is a proud moment for me when I return to Afghanistan with my dog to serve my country,” says one of the female handlers

With the dedication of the Afghan Police officers attending the training, the Afghan trainees smoothly adapted to the new environment and are quickly learning. With the knowledge obtained, the team will be able to manage the Canine (K9) Center of the CNPA to an international standard.

Introduction of specialized working dogs (K9) will greatly enhance the interdiction efforts of the law enforcement agencies and is welcomed by the Government of Afghanistan. Currently, only 15 percent of the drugs seized are as a result of interventions using detection equipment and tools.

Photo 2:Inauguration of the training for Afghanistan Counter Narcotics Canine (K9) staff

Photo 2:Inauguration of the training for Afghanistan Counter Narcotics Canine (K9) staff