Farmer Call Center Improves Farmers Knowledge and Access to the Extension Services Suman Story

Suman, a beneficiary of UNODC’s Alternative Development programme from Pajnsher, is dialing 150 on her mobile phone calling Farmer Call Center (FCC) to ask about poultry breeding techniques. She seems visibly happy and says, “I didn’t know that there is FCC a phone call away! that provides advise to farmers and livestock keepers.

UNODC under the Alternative Development Programme has set-up an end-to-end facility for a professional FCC at the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL).

The FCC consists of a complex telecommunication infrastructure, computer support, and human resources organized to effectively respond to queries raised by farmers in real-time in the local languages.

Farmers across Afghanistan will be able to dial a toll-free number to get guidance on irrigation, planting, and fertilizing. In response to the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, this will prevent extension farm workers from making field trips to address farming problems.

The FCC optimally utilize communication bandwidth to serve farming communities in the remotest areas of the country by connecting them to best of the agricultural and scientific community. This will enable close linkages and seamless communication mechanisms among the key stakeholders in the extension system, namely the Agricultural Subject Matter Specialists, Input Suppliers, Farmers and Marketing Agencies.

The FCC is led by UNODC Country Office for Afghanistan and funded by the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL)/USA.


Photo 1: Suman, A Poultry Owner Calling to Famer Call Center


Photo 2: Farmer Call Center Established in MAIL