Farmer's Day celebrated in Badam Bagh Kabul

First day of the solar year is called farmers day in Afghanistan. Afghanistan Government on this day organises an agricultural products exhibition in Badam Bagh Kabul each year. It is a place where not only agriculture products and equipment are displayed and traded, but also new ideas and advanced practices exchanged on new ideas in the field of agricultural, production, advanced irrigation facilities, high quality seeds production and food preservation. The platform is also used for displaying the handicraft and handloom products traditionally woven by women in their homes. This is also the platform for the farmers and high government officials to directly interact with the farmers and entrepreneurs and listen to their problems, issues and address them at the strategic and policy levels.

 This year, a big agricultural products exhibition was held in Badam Bagh Kabul and hundreds of farmers and entrepreneurs from different regions of the country participated in the exhibition. The exhibition was formally inaugurated by H.E Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, (Assadullah Zamir) and continued for four days from 21 st to 24 th of March 2017.

 UNODC Sub-program III - Alternative Development Programme sponsored Afghanistan National Saffron Union from Herat and Herbal Plant Growers Association from Nangarhar to participate at the exhibition. These entrepreneurs have been supported by UNODC to enhance their technical and production skills both qualitatively and quantitatively. The exhibition helped establish linkages with the buyers in the domestic market and share their experiences with the other participants and learn from theirs.

 Both entrepreneurs, who were invited by UNODC, felt very encouraged by participating at the exhibition and stated that this kind of exhibition is vital and an exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs to expand and promote their agricultural products and establish market linkages at national level. Herbal Plants Growers Association had a sale of 29,000 AFN at the exhibition and signed two contracts of 500,000 AFN. Likewise, Afghanistan National Saffron Union had over one thousand visitors including Minister of MAIL and other high government officials. The Union and three other traders agreed to sign contracts in order to buy the products of the Union.  In addition, one saffron promoting agency has agreed to provide the Union with 60 Jeribs land for cultivation of saffron in Herat Province.