Feed Bank Produces High Quality Concentrate Feed from Local Materials in Bamiyan 

The lack of livestock feed banks in Bamiyan had proven to be a major problem as farmers were forced to buy concentrated feed from other provinces at high prices. To alleviate this problem, the Dutch Committee for Afghanistan (DCA) through UNODC’s Alternative Development programme, assisted Ghulam Bahawood establish such a feed bank in Bamiyan. Ghulam, who was already running a Veterinary Field Unit to provide animal health services to the livestock farmers in the province was provided with the necessary equipment and training to produce high quality feed locally.

Since January 2020, the assistance provided has enabled Ghulam to produce 170 tons of concentrated feed worth AFN 5,100,000 (USD 66,234) with 57 tons being sold to DCA to meet local farmers requirements and generate much needed financial flows in the local economy. The high quality of the feed and reasonable price has led to a 50% increase in milk production.

With the success experienced in Bamiyan, Ghulam now intends to expand his business and to increase production and supply to farmers in other regions. He says; “with Afghanistan’s borders with Pakistan and Iran now closed due to COVID-19, there is an increasing demand for feed concentrate. Farmers from several nearby provinces including Daikundi, Ghor and Wardak have contacted me for feed concentrate, which I intend to deliver”.  

UNODC’s AD programme currently supports 1,550 households under its poultry and dairy component in Bamiyan.

Funding source: Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL)/ US Department of State