Fifty Thousand AFN Reward to "Rat-out a Drug Dealer" 

The Ministry of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan (MoI), in its fight against the distribution, trafficking, selling and transportation of illicit drugs, offers informers in Kabul a reward of AFN50,000


According to "Middle East Press", the Ministry of Interior published a list of 29 drug dealers who have consistently evaded capture were to be targeted in new operations. The help of informers was to be sought in this regard.

The Ministry stated "we are hearing you [the public], illicit drug use and dealing on the streets of Kabul has dragged youth and families into addiction and increased the crime rate ". 

The Attorney General's Office has already charged 19 drug dealers with trafficking and dealing offences, with informers receiving the AFN 50,000 reward with their anonymity being totally protected. Informers' Hotline 24/7