HazMat 360 Training and Handover to Kabul Air Cargo Control Unit (ACCU)

 An advanced Hazmat Training course for twenty PCU & ACCU staff under the tutelage of an International trainer was arranged between the 2nd - 5th December at the Afghan Customs Academy, Kabul. The course brought together the units HazMat teams from the various border outposts for a condensed training dealing with advanced methodologies in identifying precursor chemicals and illicit drugs. Instructors from CNPA & Pre Cursor Control Unit also attended and provided training on 'Disposable Narcotic & Precursor test kits' as well as the standard UNODC 'Tailored Precursor Kits'. The CNPA & Pre Cursor Control Unit were also kind enough to provide 200+ disposable kits for our PCU's and ACCU's to use in the field.


A German funded HazMat 360 for the Kabul ACCU was officially handed over to the unit during a recent international Hazmat training. This is the last in a series of HazMat machines kindly funded by the German Government.   We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the German Government for their funding support for our machines and the associated training, it has without doubt made, and will continue to have, a positive and tangible effect in our capabilities and daily fight against illicit trade in both drug and precursor smuggling throughout the Afghan border regions.