An Entrepreneur who Overcome Poverty Through Backyard Poultry Farming

Nargis, a housewife with six children, lives in Bagram District of Parwan and had no income source. Her family struggled to make ends meet and Nargis was concerned about her children’s future. She feared that her husband and young son would have to migrate to the southern provinces to look for a source of livelihood and might get involved in narcotics related work. Nargis felt strongly about contributing to her household’s income to keep her family members away from narcotics.

With this in mind, Nargis approached the local Community Development Council (CDC) for support, who introduced her to the Boost Alternative Interventions through Licit Livelihood (BADILL) project funded by UNODC.  The project played a pivot role in training Nargis in poultry management.

The project provided her with a support package, which had 30 pullets, 200 kg of improved poultry feed, feeders, drinkers, coop equipment such as a poultry hygiene kit, door, window, and a ventilator. Nargis was also trained by members experienced in poultry management who linked her to the nearby market/milk and eggs collection center. The support that Nargis got from BADILL opened up a whole new world for her.

“I am very thankful to the UNODC and Dutch Committee for Afghanistan (DCA) for providing me this wonderful earning opportunity by establishing a poultry farm for me. In the past, I only did domestic chores and couldn’t earn any money. My children had no access to nutritious food. Now I use eggs as a source of nutrition for my children. The remaining eggs are sold at the local market which enabled me to cover a portion my family’s expenses such as schoolbooks, stationaries, and cloths for my children. My earning capacity has also prevented my husband and son from engaging in poppy lancing in Helmand”.

Nargis’s endeavor has been successful. With her savings, Nargis has established a medium-size broiler farm with capacity of 1,200 chickens, and only needed technical assistance from the project.  Her savings also allowed her to buy 500 chickens, which she sold after two months to earn AFN 30,000 (equivalent to USD 390) net income, which enabled her to buy more. The second time, she sold 700 chickens and earned AFN 40,000 (equivalent to USD 520) net income. Increase in the sale encouraged her to continue the poultry business. Now, she and her family members are planning to increase the capacity of their broiler farm from 1,200 chickens to 2,500 chickens.

UNODC implemented BADILL project supported by the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement  INL, in four provinces in central region, where over 1,700 women farmers benefited from the project. “Women’s economic empowerment is a top priority in our alternative development work. Nargis is a good example and a human face in these types of interventions. I am thankful at the partnership with United States of America/INL that supports UNODC in this line of meaningful work” mentioned Cesar Guedes, the newly arrived UNODC Country Representative.


Photo 1: Nargis in her backyard poultry farm established by BADILL project

Photo 2: Broiler farm established by Nargis