National Mobilization Week against Drugs and Illicit Trafficking in Afghanistan

 9-14 th July, 2017 

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GoIRA) declared the 2 nd week of July as National Mobilization Week against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. The GoIRA with support from UNODC, celebrated the week jointly with different events being organized at national and sub-national levels in order to raise public awareness about the dangers associated with drug production and trafficking.  

Celebration of the National Mobilization Week against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking begun by a national event organized on 9 th July, in Kabul. Over 200 people participated at the event including H.E. second Vice President, ministers, religious scholars, parliamentarians, representatives from national and international organizations and civil society. In this event, the speakers highlighted that despite many efforts made, the country still remains one of the world's leading producer of illicit opiates. Speakers stated that illicit drug production and trafficking threatens not only the stability of Afghanistan but also the region, thus a collective effort is required to curb the issue of this phenomenon.


H.E. Sarwar Danish, Speaking at National Mobilization Event against Drug, 9 th Jul-2017, Amani high School, Kabul

Mr. Andrey Avetisyan, UNODC representative for Afghanistan and neighboring countries, covered negative impact of drug abuse and illicit trafficking on health, development, peace and security. He stated; UNODC by the strong support of international community will extend its support to the GoIRA to collectively fight the drug problem which has global nature but of which the Afghan people are the first victims.

Mobilization events/activities against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking continued up to 14 th July. Different events took place, namely; Women Gathering Event against Drugs, organized by Ministry of Women Affaires where women from different provinces of Afghanistan participated discussing the evil and dangers associated with drug production, trafficking and use. Likewise, on 11 th July, Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs organized a National Event in Kabul where clergies from different provinces participated announcing that poppy cultivation, production and trafficking is against Islam. Furthermore, Girls cycling race captioned as "Tour De Bamyan" was another awareness raising event which took place in Bamyan province where girls from four provinces (Herat, Kabul, Bamyan and Balkh) participated at the race.  These events were widely publicized by local media in Afghanistan.