Security Council Resolution 1988 Committee Holds VTC to hear Afghan Opium Survey Findings from Mark Colhoun, Representative of UNODC Country Office for Afghanistan.

On 03 December 2018, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1988 held teleconference to hear a statement by Mr. Mark Colhoun, Representative of UNODC Country Office for Afghanistan and Special Advisor to the SRSG on Counter Narcotics on findings of the latest Afghan Opium Survey.


During the meeting, Mr. Colhoun highlighted that cultivation for 2018 was 236,000 hectares, a 20 percent decrease in the area under cultivation compared to 2017. He further informed the Committee that opium production had decreased to 6,400 tonnes, a 29 percent decrease compared to 2017. Most significantly, in response to the continuing high levels of supply, the farm-gate price of dry opium at harvest time fell for the second consecutive year to an average of 94 USD per/kg. This was the lowest level since 2004 after adjusting for inflation. The USD 604 million generated this year is equivalent to roughly 3% of Afghanistan's GDP, and represents a 56% decrease when compared to the estimated 1.4 billion USD at farm-gate for 2017.

Mr. Colhoun concluded by answering questions from Committee Members.

  Click here to download Mr. Colhoun's speech.