UNODC Organized Two-day Products Exhibition for Women Entrepreneurs in Kabul

“I have not sold anything since August 15th, 2021. After the Taliban takeover, I thought my business and dream of having a better future has gone forever. This exhibition revived me and my business. I have sold around USD 600 in two days which is enough to feed my family for three months” said Zia Gul a SME owner .

With the aim of improving women entrepreneurs’ products, expanding their network, and supporting them to seek broader entrepreneurial opportunities, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Alternative Development (AD) Programme jointly with the Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI) organized a two-day exhibition in UN compound, Kabul on 11th and 12th May 2022.

UNODC supports 2-3 such exhibition each year at national level to promote women entrepreneurs and alternative development products. This time, 26 small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs), from several provinces across Afghanistan; Badakhshan, Bamyan, Herat, Kabul and Nangarhar have participated in the exhibition.

The SMEs displayed several products ranging from herbal mint tea, saffron tea, rose water spray, rose oil, pickles, handmade soaps, scarves, jackets, jewelry  and handicraft. The exhibition made it possible for SMEs to make overall sales of USD 8,863 in two days.

The exhibition served as a platform where the entrepreneurs’ products are not only displayed and sold, but participants were also able to exchange new ideas and innovative practices to promote their products, sales, and networks. It provided entrepreneurs with an opportunity to interact with the UN officials and attract their attention and support. This exhibition took place during the mission of Ms. Miwa Kato, the UNODC Director for Operations Division to Afghanistan. She visited the exhibition and interacted with the entrepreneurs to hear about their stories, products, ideas, and challenges.

Photo 1: Miwa Kato, the UNODC Director for Operations Division and Anubha Sood the UNODC AFG representative are visiting the exhibition.

Photo 2: People visiting the exhibition and UN Compound.

 Photo 3: Miwa Kato the UNODC Director for Operation Division interacts with SME from Bamyan to hear her challenges.