Key Events:

  • ·       Girls and Boys Cycling Race

  • ·       School Events

  • ·       Field events

  • ·       Social Media Campaign

  • ·       Mural Painting


UNODC in partnership with the Ministry of Counter Narcotics celebrated the World Drug Day on 26 th June 2018 and the week following as National Mobilization Week against Drugs in Afghanistan. Different awareness raising events such as; school events, girl's cycling race, mural painting, campaign through social media and field gatherings conducted across the country. The objective of this joint initiative of MCN and UNODC was to raise public awareness against cultivation, production, trafficking and use of drugs in the country.

UNODC, as the lead organization in the fight against drugs, aims at creating a drug free world where every child, youth, man and woman are protected from drug abuse, and has access to a healthy life. Thus, the World Drug Day and the National Mobilization Week against Drugs has been celebrated with a global slogan "#Listen First; listening to children and youth is the first step to help them grow healthy and safe". The celebration events covered by national in international media widely and the counter narcotics messages reached to the people across the country.

  Celebration Details;

  Girls and Boys Cycling Race;


Figure 1:Cycling competition start point

  On June 27, National Mobilization Week against Drugs kicked off with cyclists from Afghanistan's National cycling federation, Governmental officials, civil society and artists cycled from Kabul to Kapisa. Event was attended by 40 government officials including Deputy Minister of counter narcotics and 235 sport men, women, civil activists and media persons.  Alongside of the cycling activities, short speeches were made by representatives from government and cyclists on the issues of narcotics, social problems caused by drugs, and youth engagement to face this phenomenon.

  School Event;

World Drug Day celebrated in schools in Bamyan, Badakhshan and Kabul provinces with the aim to raise awareness of the students on harms and dangers associated with drugs. Event was attended by more than 2000 students (boys and girls) including Government officials, implementing partner, civil activists and associations. UNODC staff from Kabul also attended the event in Bamyan. It was a pleasant surprise to see more than 1000 girls and boys attend the event especially senior school girls.    The school students also performed theatre activities, such as drama, slogan competition and song. School students prepared a play on CN it was written and enacted by the teachers and the students. Provincial Governor Representative, DCN director, PED deputy director and UNODC representatives made speeches on harmful effects and dangers associated with drugs and ensured their commitment on combating drugs; they also encouraged the participants and students to stay away of drugs and pass the messages to their family members and friends.


Figure 2: Student Slogan Competition, Bamyan Boy's high school               Figure 3: Students play a drama about the drug addicts

  Field Events;

Field event conducted in over 200 communities in 21 provinces aimed to raise awareness among farmers and community members. In the event farmers discussed about the harmfulness and the dangers associated with drugs. Also, 5000 drugs awareness posters and materials distributed to the participants in the target communities.


Figure 3: Posters distributed during field events

   Social Media Campaign


Figure 4: Snapshots from Social Media Campaign

 UNODC and MCN have initiated social media campaign against narcotics by developing anti-drugs/narcotics messages and hashtags. All the UNODC stakeholders, counterparts, implementing partners and UNCG members, civil societies/associations and civil activists participated in the social media campaign by circulating of anti-narcotics messages. Below are some snapshots from social media campaign.

   Mural Painting;


Figure 5: Murals Painted in walls in Kapisa and Jalalabad

 Murals containing drug awareness messages painted in wall in Mahmood Raqi and Jalalabad cities, a group of artists and civil activists have painted four murals in visible places in Kapisa and Jalalabad. The aim was to enhance awareness of the local people and visitors.