Afghan Counter Narcotics Mobile Training Team (MTT): Curriculum accredited by the Afghan Ministry of Interior

27 February 2013 - The training programme of the Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan's (CNPA) and its Mobile Training Team (MTT) was accredited by the Ministry of the Interior following a review of the Programme of Instruction by the Afghan National Police Central Training General Command.

The training programme included classes on the Counter Narcotics Law, Basic Intelligence, Interview and Interrogations Techniques  - in cooperation with the Criminal Justice Task Force - , Anti-Corruption, Police Code of Conduct / Police Ethics, Precursors Chemicals Control as well as Identification and Forensic Laboratory Techniques. These thematics are part of a two-week course delivered by instructors from the Counter Narcotics Training Academy's (CNTA) Training Cadre and Subject Matter Experts (SME) from the CNPA itself.

The courses have been developed by Afghan officers trained under the UNODC's Train-the-Trainer programme with support provided by the UNODC mentor pertaining to the CNTA. The purpose of the Mobile Training Teams is to ensure that front-line officers receive adequate instruction at their duty station, enabling them to conduct effective counter narcotics operations without long periods of absence from their posts.

The programme is also an important development in ensuring that, for the future, all training will be "Afghan developed - Afghan delivered".

In addition to the CNPA officers training, the Ministers of Interior and Finance have recently approved further training to the Afghan Border Police (ABP), the Afghan National Police (ANP) and the Afghan Customs Department (ACD). Since MTT operations commenced in April 2011, 30 training missions have been conducted in 20 provinces with nearly 1,200 students attending classes

Mobile Training Team activities are guided by UNODC with funding received from the Governments of Canada and Japan.