Project information

Project title

"Harm Reduction Development at Kekava"
Duration 01 October 2007 - 1 December 2009
Project goal and objectives

Goals of the project:

  • To develop harm reduction programme in Kekava municipality administrative territory by improving access to target groups in their surroundings (meeting places of IDUs, dens, places where CSWs work, etc.);
  • To learn Estonian experience and know-how in the harm reduction for IDUs.

Project objectives:

  • To provide Kekava HIV prevention program outreach worker with bicycle;
  • To continue harm reduction services at Kekava municipality administrative territory;
  • To visit Tallinn NGO "Convictus Eesti" and Tallinn municipality by Kekava social workers for exchange of experience, and to learn the know-how of harm reduction programme;
  • To organize one daily seminar (7 hours, 20 participants) seminar/training for social workers and teachers upon HIV/AIDS and dependencies related topics at Kekava.
  • Kekava HIV prevention program outreach worker provided with bicycle;
  • Harm reduction services are available in Kekava municipality administrative territory;
  • Published and disseminated 1000 copies of information material about Kekava HIV prevention program;
  • Mobile syringe exchange bus started to work in Kekava;
  • Visited Tallinn NGO "Convictus Eesti" and Tallinn municipality for exchange of experience in harm reduction.

UNODC budget

5,014.00 LVL