Project information

Project title

"Mobile and effective"
Duration 05 December 2007 - 15 July 2008
Project goal and objectives
  • To develop services outside the traditional setting - low threshold centre;
  • To establish mobile prevention and service unit to expand coverage of harm reduction program services in Riga regions, suburbs and neighborhood of Riga;
  • Establish regularly working cooperation network of Riga municipality social service employees, policemen, NGO and other involved specialists;
  • Improve the quality of work and motivation of harm reduction program employees;
  • Improve access to information for target groups by development and printing comprehensive info materials on HIV/AIDS.
  • Improved level of information and knowledge about HIV/AIDS- distributed 1700 leaflets;
  • Created long-term professional cooperation team- involved 19 professionals;
  • Increased number of IDUs reached by mobile unit (average 150 clients per month), distributed syringes (average 2500 per month), provided consultations (average 60 per month);
  • Developed 5 routes of mobile unit.
  • Trained and recruited 4 new employees;
  • Exchanged experience with Tallinn and Jurmala mobile units.

UNODC budget

10,000.00 LVL