Project information

Project title

"Be well-informed!"
Duration 01 December 2007 -30 November 2008
Project goal and objectives

Goals of the project:

  • Systemic training of prisoners in the questions of the primary and secondary prevention, and treatment of HIV infection, the quality of living with HIV/AIDS, and combined therapy schemes.
  • Implementation of the program on the improvement of adherence to antiretroviral therapy among the convicted HIV-infected.
  • Training of peer educators - HIV-infected prisoners  who will disseminate obtained knowledge in the prison environment.

Objectives of the project:

  • To carry out 30 lectures / training seminars with the HIV-infected kept in the prisons.
  • To carry out lectures / training seminars in 10 Latvian prisons.
  • To involve at least 400 non-infected and 150 convicted HIV-infected in lectures / training seminars.
  • To train at least 30 peer educators.
  • To answer competently to all received letters.
  • To provide individual consultations concerning prevention and treatment by correspondence.
  • To implement the existing program on the improvement of adherence to treatment among prisoners.
  • To publish and distribute information materials on preparedness for treatment and adherence in prisons on the website (in electronic form) and among prisoners (in printed form - leaflets).
  • Realised 30 lectures / training seminars in 12 prisons.
  • Lectures/training seminars attended by 951 participants.
  • Competently answered to 62 letters of prisoners.
  • Disseminated 700 leaflets among prisoners.
  • Trained 10 peer educators.
  • Prepared and published on web site 10 informative materials.

UNODC budget

4,968.00 LVL