Project information

Project title

"Motivation programme for youth to stop usage of psychoactive substances in prison"

Duration 05 November 2008 - 31 March 2009
Project goal and objectives
  • By carrying out drug addiction and HIV/AIDS prevention activities convince 2 prisons and Prison Administration about necessity of harm reduction programmes in prison and partly implement it into 2 prisons;
  • To develop cooperation with prisoners and ensure that prisoners educate their peers about safe sex;
  • By provision of interactive training carry out overdose and HIV/AIDS prevention and inform about possibilities to avoid HIV/AIDS and other infection diseases in prison;
  • Improve life skills and develop prisoners' abilities to live healthy.
  • Carried out 37 group lectures in 2 prisons;
  • 23 prisoners took part in lectures;
  • Disseminated 19 sterilization material sets;
  • Disseminated 200 informative materials.

UNODC budget

5,497.32 LVL