Project information

Project title

"New opportunities in providing services for clients within the scope of HIV/AIDS prevention among drug users in Bauska"

Duration 01 October 2008 - 15 October 2009
Project goal and objectives

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Decrease HIV risk among injecting drug users (IDU) and improve service diversity;

  • To improve availability of available services for IDUs;

  • To improve the prestige of social work.

  • Outreach workers established contacts with 27 new clients - injecting drug users, who started changing syringes in the HIV and addiction prevention cabinet.
  • Increased the number of regular clients who change syringes: at the beginning of project - 20 per month, at the end - 47 (planned 65).
  • Increased the number of contacts: at the beginning of project - 120 clients per month, at the end - 173 (planned 190).
  • Decreased the number of thrown away syringes: percentage of returned syringes at the beginning of project was - 50%, at the end - 85% (planned 95%).
  • Distributed 1800 syringes, collected - 1620 syringes.
  • Increased the number of informed persons about HIV infection and treatment options - published 26 publications about HIV/AIDS and addictions.
  • Performed 99 hepatitis B tests, 101 hepatitis C test and 73 HIV tests.
  • Developed and distributed 200 questionnaires (returned back 170) about addictive substance use among youth. The survey results presented at the Bauska Social services agency and Bauska city schools.

UNODC budget

6,734.00 LVL