Project information

Project title

"Everybody has one more chance"
Duration 07 October 2008 - 15 March 2009
Project goal and objectives The extension of social services for young drug users (including those who are recently released  from prison) in Tukums city,  using potential of the society "Fenikss SI".
  1. Optimization of secondary prevention and social rehabilitation services for IDU in Tukums. Developed a team from 3 staff members for work with IDU, the number of clients at the beginning of the project was 54, at the end of project - 33.
  2. The extension of social services for young drug users in Tukums. Individual psychosocial work with drug users 22/39, individually consulted IDU family members 0/8, IDU support groups- 3/5.
  3. Provision of health care, as well as educational and informative assistance to IDU. Conducted HIV exprestests 4/13, and provided information to IDU.
  4. Adjustment of group social behavior. 4 members of the group changed drug using habits, decreased the dose, frequency, 2 members of the group currently do not use drugs.
  5. Individual psychosocial counseling for addicts. Increased number of consultations per month 26/34, number of regular clients per month 22/33.
  6. Informational / educational motivational group sessions. Social worker provided 38 group sessions (planned 58).
  7. Training on social skills. Performed 48 trainings on social skills (planned 66).

UNODC budget

5,494.00 LVL