Project information

Project title

"Promote decrease of spread of HIV/AIDS among injecting drug users in the City of Liepāja"
Duration 01 September 2008 - 15 October  2009
Project goal and objectives The main objectives of the project are:
  • Promote HIV/AIDS reduction among injecting drug users in Liepaja;
  • Increase awareness among injecting drug users about HIV/AIDS treatment and care in Liepaja;
  • Attract injecting drug users (IDU) to low-threshold center, in order to understand real situation regarding drug use in Liepaja city, and to take all possible measures to reduce number of IDU in Liepaja city;
  • Establish a Methadone cabinet in Liepaja.
  • During the project 6 outreach workers were employed;
  • The number of exchanged syringes increased from approximately 100 a month starting the project, up to approx. 1500 per month now;
  • The number of exchanged needles increased from approx. 50 to approx. 1400 per month;
  • The number of clients increased from 5 to 60 per month;
  • Organized 81 educational activity for IDU;
  • Established a Methadone cabinet in Liepaja city.

UNODC budget

11,350.00 LVL