Project information

Project title

"Improvement of work environment of HIV/AIDS prevention and addiction counseling service in Talsi and enhancement of prevention services"
Duration 12 September 2008 - 15 October  2009
Project goal and objectives The aim of the project is to provide accessible, user-friendly and safe HIV/AIDS prevention services and diversify available services for drug users in Talsi city.
  1. Attracted new clients to low threshold center (LTC). At the end of the project the number of IDU who use LTC services has increased: at the beginning of the project 76/at the end of project 123/planed 110. To needle/syringe exchange program attracted new clients 35/49/50;
  2. Broadened outreach services. Employed outreach workers 1/2/2, attracted new clients (via outreach) 28/49/45, repeated contacts with IDU (via outreach) 32/57/55, number of disseminated syringes 1900/1987/2600, number of disseminated needles 420/240/700, returned syringes 400/949/700, needles returned 105/150/150, disseminated condoms 400/559/600;
  3. Provided informative-consultative support to the target group. Provision of consultative support to new clients 25/42/45, repeated clients 41/79/60, disseminated syringes 1684/4489/3000, needles 296/999/350, condoms 607/1006/800. returned syringes 1847/1721/2500, needles 164/243/210. Performed the following express-tests: HIV 58/62/80, hepatitis B 38/59/50, hepatitis C 62/68/85;
  4. Printed and distributed 1000 leaflets about outreach services, LTC contact details and available services in LTC;
  5. Motivational work with IDU. Carried out 20 support group meetings, held 30 individual consultations;
  6. Improved work environment of LTC. Performed construction works allowed to improve the client room, to develop a separate testing room, to develop separate room for support group activities and counseling services;
  7. Organized closing event of the project.

UNODC budget

9,994.12 LVL