Project information

Project title

"HIV/AIDS prevention in Valmieras prison and appraisal of prisoners'antisocial risk behaviour"
Duration 1 November, 2008 - 1 November, 2010
Project goal and objectives To educate prisoners and prison staff about HIV/AIDS and carry-out a survey on prisoners' antisocial risk behaviour in Valmieras prison.
  • HIV/AIDS cabinet is repaired and equipped with necessary furniture;
  • Project personnel took part in all seminars and trainings organized by UNODC;
  • A "motivation program" has developed in order to motivate prisoners to participate in lectures and to state how selection of lecture participants should be done;
  • Acquired necessary information materials and brochures on HIV / AIDS, STDs, etc.;
  • The project personnel has elaborated 4 training modules (3 for prisoners and 1 for prison staff). In total, 268 inmates and 46 prison employees have received the training;
  • Prison staff has been informed about project activities;
  • 1352 brochures, 1198 informative leaflets and 30 posters have been distributed.

UNODC budget

8,500.00 LVL