Project information

Project title

"Knowledge as a basis of limiting spread of HIV"
Duration 02 March 2009 - 31 January 2010
Project goal and objectives Provide consultative services in HIV/AIDS field in prison setting in Latvia, in order to limit spread of HIV in prisons and society.
  • Conducted 6 seminars for prison staff, but in 2 prisons, instead of the staff, seminars attended prisoners. In total 81 employees and 27 prisoners participated.
  • In 5 prisons 2 individual consultation "peer to peer" sessions were carried out. In total 48 people received consultations.
  • In 5 prisons 2 voluntary counseling and testing on HIV sessions were carried out. If necessary, consultation was also provided to a prisoner who has already been diagnosed with HIV. In total, 101 prisoners were consulted.
  • In 10 prisons 30 lectures for prisoners were held. The main topics: HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis B and C, sexually transmitted diseases, and tuberculosis. In total, 610 prisoners, 40 prison employees took part, and 17 individual consultations for prisoners were performed.
  • Correspondence with prisoners and their family members.
  • Project staff has received additional training.
  • Constant maintenance of the society's website.
  • Prepared information materials on HIV / AIDS (available on the Society's website -

UNODC budget

3,509.78 LVL