Project information

Project title

"Listen, learn, improve, spread your knowledge"
Duration 01 March 2009 - 01 August 2010
Project goal and objectives
  • Increase awareness of prison clients (prisoners) and prison staff on possibilities how to limit spread of HIV/AIDS, STI and hepatitis in prison setting.
  • Apply gained knowledge in everyday practic.
  • Improve effectiveness of programme
  • Disseminate information on STI, hepatitis and HIV/AIDS


  • 14-class education program "Listen, learn, improve, spread your knowledge" have been developed;
  • 8 inmate groups have undergone the training (102 persons);
  • 1 staff group has undergone the training (9 persons);
  • Peer-to-peer activities have taken place;
  • A movie about project activities have been prepared;
  • Project personnel have participated in seminars and trainings organized by UNODC;
  • Project personnel have shared knowledge and experience with colleagues from other prisons;
  • 3100 informative leaflets have been disseminated;
  • Premises have been repaired and equipped.


UNODC budget

8,500.00 LVL