Project information

Project title

"Healthy lifestyle as informed choice"
Duration 01 April 2010 - 01 October 2010
Project goal and objectives

The main goals of the project is to increase knowledge of prisoners and prison staff about harm reduction and HIV prevention, promote healthy lifestyle and reduce HIV risk.

  • Project implementation team has been established;
  • Developed the training program "Protect yourself and others" in Russian: 10 lectures for inmates and 3 lectures for staff;
  • Training class has been renovated and equipped;
  • 24 inmates have undergone the training;
  • 30 employees have undergone the training;
  • An informative movie about HIV/AIDS prevention and harm reduction has been prepared: 34 inmates have watched it;
  • Project team members have participated in seminars organized by UNODC and other institutions.

UNODC budget

5,000.00 LVL