Project information

Project title

"Implementation of Pharmacotherapy with Methadone in Daugavpils"
Duration 01 December 2009 - 30 November 2010
Project goal and objectives

The main goals of the project are:

  • To implement pharmacotherapy with methadone in order drug users could receive treatment in Daugavpils;
  • To decrease incidence of such diseases as hepatitis and HIV;
  • To inform patients about their diseases.
  • Methadone cabinet is established and equipped (2 Stacijas str., Daugavpils);
  • During the project 3 patients have received methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) - everyone had access to drug addiction specialist, psychologist and social worker;
  • 4 persons (staff of MMT cabinet) have participated in trainings and seminars organized by UNODC and other institutions;
  • Data on clients' health status and treatment results have been collected and analysed using Addiction Severity Index (ASI);
  • Developed cooperation with probation service and municipal police;
  • Prepared publication (information about methadone program) in local newspaper.

UNODC budget

5,030.00 LVL