Project information

Project title

"Assurance of HIV/AIDS preventive services for IDUs and their family members in Druskininkai"
Duration 01 September 2007- 30 April 2008
Project goal and objectives

The main aim of the project is to assure the availability of HIV/AIDS prevention services for IDUs and their family members in Druskininkai municipality.

Project goals are:

  • To improve the quality of provided harm reduction services.
  • To increase the accessibility and awareness of the harm reduction services in Druskininkai for IDUs, their family members and key stakeholders.
  • To renovate the premises for the harm reduction services for IDUs population and counselling services for family members in Druskininkai.
  • To purchase equipment necessary for provision of low threshold facilities.

The low-threshold rendered anonymous, flexible and free of charge services for the clients and counselling services for their family members. The fully refurbished and equipped drop-in center delivered goods and services all the week including day-offs.

A round table meeting with principal stakeholders in Druskininkai municipality was organized and local authorities were introduced to the harm reduction and the project. Also seminar on quality assurance particularly focusing on provision of services in needle and syringe exchange programme and HIV pre-testing and post-testing, consulting of family members, etc. took place for the personnel working in the harm reduction cabinet.

The organization prepared and disseminated 1500 booklets to increase awareness of IDUs, family members and community on HIV/AIDS prevention issues, drug abuse prevention and availability of services.

Project achieved the following results:

  • Number of syringes and needles exchanged - 19173.
  • Number of syringes and needles collected - 21648.
  • Number of disinfectants distributed - 9938.
  • Number of condoms distributed - 1487.
  • Number of bandages supplied - 178.
  • Number of wound dressings - 52.
  • Number of biological substance forward for testing - 11.
  • Number of food provisions - 2099.
  • Number of intermediation and representation - 32.
  • Number of visits - 2348.
  • Number of clients consulted - 114.
  • Number of IDU's permanently attending the needles and syringes exchange cabinet - 15.

UNODC budget

60,000.00 LTL