Project information

Project title

"Improvement of HIV/AIDS prevention in Klaipėda district among injecting drug users(IDUs) through KCAD ACO"
Duration 02 October 2007 - 02 October 2008
Project goal and objectives

The main goal of the project is to slow down the spread of HIV/AIDS among IDUs, improving and expanding the spectrum of low threshold services provided in Klaipėda Center for Addictive Disorders (KCAD) Anonymous Consulting Office (ACO).

The objectives of the project:

  • To make and maintain new contacts with IDUs, their partners and family members and to inform them about the accessibility of health, social care and legal services;
  • To make program services acceptable for those IDUs who don't want or are not ready to give up drug using;
  • To motivate IDUs to stop using drugs, reduce risky behaviour, examine their health state and undergo treatment if necessary, to educate and provide information about infections and addictions;
  • To monitor and evaluate IDUs needs for social and health care services;
  • To decrease environmental pollution and harm that is done to the society;
  • To renovate and equip office for health care service provision (blood collecting, bandaging, etc.);
  • To provide technical equipment for ACO personnel.

During the project implementation Klaipėda Center for Addictive Disorders had renovated and equipped the office for health care service provision and the cabinet is ready to provide full service for the clients. ACO gained the trust of the clients, therefore they manage to make new and maintain old relationships with the clients indoors and outdoors. This helps to find new IDUs in Klaipėda.

The following services were provided for the IDUs: needle and syringe exchange, condom provision, information and consulting, intermediating and representing client's interests solving medical, social and juridical problems, wound dressings, testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and blood born infections.

A few motivated IDUs decided to stop using drugs and were referred to rehabilitation centers, others are taking detoxication, programme of Minnesota, etc.

The client survey showed that due to carried out project activities most clients reduced risky behaviour: do not share needles and syringes, they stock used needles and syringes in a special way, use condoms and make HIV tests more often. As well the clients return used needles and syringed to the ACO, and this shows that they care about themselves and general population.

Main indicators:

  • Number of regular ACO clients (IDUs) - 240;
  • Number of ACO clients visits- 11172;
  • Number of sterile needles and syringes distributed - 30696;
  • Number of collected and utilized needles and syringes - 30780;
  • Number of disinfectants distributed - 46416;
  • Number of condoms distributed - 5112;
  • Number of bandages distributed - 2748;
  • Number of cotton wool distributed - 1428;
  • Number of provided health instructions and educational services - 2400;
  • Number of provided information services - 10884;
  • Number of provided consultations - 2124;
  • Number of blood collected and sent for testing - 156;
  • Number of provided intermediating and representing services - 756;
  • Number of provided pre-test counselling services - 156;
  • Number of provided post-test counselling services - 132.

UNODC budget

60,000.00 LTL