Project information

Project title

"Increasing of outreach service accessibility for IDUs"
Duration 01 September 2007 - 1 September 2008
Project goal and objectives

The main goal of the project is to increase the coverage of IDUs by the mobile service.

Project objectives:

  • To establish and improve outreach services for IDUs;
  • To distribute information about mobile services;
  • To reach hidden group of IDUs and to reduce risky behaviour in this target group.

Implementing the project a new minivan was purchased for the mobile services for IDUs. Leaflets with full information about this service (places, schedule, etc.) and a photo of minivan were prepared and printed. The leaflets were disseminated among IDUs - clients of Klaipėda Drop-in Centers and patients of Klaipėda Addictive Disorders Center. During the project mobile services were provided in 3 city places.

At the end of year 2007 a contract with Klaipėda Municipality Administration was signed in order to continue the mobile harm reduction services in 2008 and to receive the financial support for this activity for the full year from municipal budget. In May, 2008 additionally to the other services, mobile unit started disseminating sterile injecting water.

Main indicators:

  • Number of mobile service points in Klaipėda City - 3;
  • Number of distributed information leaflets for IDUs about mobile service - 300;
  • Number of first time reached IDUs - 115;
  • Number of syringes distributed - 22026;
  • Number of needles distributed - 26007;
  • Number of alcohol tabs distributed - 26547;
  • Number of condoms distributed - 633;
  • Number of plasters distributed - 5004;
  • Number of bandages distributed - 1767;
  • Number of cotton wool distributed - 656;
  • Number of sterile injecting water distributed - 3062.

UNODC budget

60,000.00 LTL