Project information

Project title

"Help yourself and the others"
Duration 1 August 2007 - 31 December 2007
Project goal and objectives

The main goal of the project is to reduce HIV, STD spread and negative HIV/AIDS social and economic influence for injecting drugs users.

Project objectives:

  • To renovate the premises for provision of harm reduction services in cabinet "Pasitikėjimas";
  • To provide harm reduction services and test IDUs and contacting persons for HIV/AIDS, HBS, HCV and STI;
  • To reduce risky behaviour among IDUs;
  • To increase number of clients visiting cabinet "Pasitikėjimas".

During the project the premises of the cabinet "Pasitikėjimas" were fully renovated and equipped for provision of harm reduction services. Due to the set internet connection the reports and other data could be provided to governmental institutions and municipal institutions, as well as the employees could systemise and analyze everyday data more accurately and quicker.

Main indicators:

  • Number of clients - 150;
  • Number of visits - 5000;
  • Number of needles and syringes distributed - 45000;
  • Number of disinfectants distributed- 90000;
  • Number of condoms distributed - 500;
  • Number of clients and contact people tested for HIV, HBS, HCV, TPHA, RPR - 157;
  • Number of clients consulted - 278;
  • Number of wounds and trophic sores dressings - 91;
  • Number of distributed bandages - 700;
  • Number of distributed plasters - 200;
  • Number of workplaces established - 3.

UNODC budget

60,000.00 LTL