Project information

Project title

"Prevention of HIV epidemics among drug users in Telšiai district"
Duration 01 September 2007- 31 August 2008
Project goal and objectives

Main objective of the project - HIV prevention among injecting drug users in Telšiai district establishing and maintaining pharmacotherapy cabinet in Telšiai.

Project objectives:

  • To establish and maintain the pharmacotherapy cabinet in Telšiai district;
  • To adjust JSC "Žemaitijos psichikos sveikatos centras" premises to pharmacotherapy consulting - room;
  • To purchase medicaments and provide consultations;
  • To train JSC "Žemaitijos psichikos sveikatos centras" staff;
  • To provide and share information/experience.

JSC "Žemaitijos psichikos sveikatos centras"  premises were adjusted to the pharmacotherapy consulting - room and equipped properly. The centre purchased methadone and urine, HIV, HCV, HBV, RPR tests, as well as other needed HIV commodities.

The number of 10-13 IDU's regularly participated in pharmacotherapy (10 IDU's were at the end of the project). Four of them were from the other district. All patients were tested for HIV, HBC, HBV, as well as other tests according to the Lithuanian legislation were done.

Individual and group psychiatrist's, psychologist's, social worker's, etc. consultations were rendered, group therapy was lead. Consultations were provided for the family members. The contacts with Vilnius self-help group were established.

Social workers assisted IDU's in solving legal issues of the programme participants. During the project implementation time one pharmacotherapy client got employed.

Center employees (10 people) participated in two trainings conducted by Vilnius Center for Addictive disorders and one workshop organized by Lithuanian AIDS center. During the meeting with the Mayor of Telšiai City the organizational issues concerning establishment of the self-help group in Telšiai as well as the possibilities to receive Telšiai Municipality support after UNODC project finishes were discussed.

Main indicators:

  • Number of regular clients in PT - 13;
  • Number of IDU's who received information about HIV safer behaviour - 100;
  • Methadone purchased - 129245 ml;
  • Number of urine drug tests - 42;
  • Number of urine methadone tests - 4;
  • Number of tests to check urine test falsification - 1 pack;
  • Number of HIV tests - 16;
  • Number of HCV, HBV, RPR tests - 15;
Number of trained centre specialists - 10

UNODC budget

45,570.00 LTL