Project information

Project title

"Strengthening HIV/AIDS prevention capacities in Mažeikiai district"
Duration 01 January 2008 - 31 December 2008
Project goal and objectives

The main goal of the project is to improve the access to HIV/AIDS prevention services for IDUs in Mažeikiai district.

Project objectives:

  • To renovate and adjust the premises for harm reduction services in Mažeikiai district.
  • To purchase equipment necessary for provision of low threshold services.
  • To increase professional capacity of the staff providing harm reduction services for IDUs in Mažeikiai district.
  • To increase accessibility to the services and awareness about the harm reduction services in Mažeikiai district among IDUs, their partners and family members.

During the project implementation Mažeikiai Lodging House premises were renovated and equipped to meet the hygienic requirements for provision of harm reduction services. The services for the IDUs were provided everyday.

In order to increase professional capacity of the staff providing harm reduction services for IDUs in Mažeikiai district, a seminar "Lodging house problems connected with addiction, HIV prevention and social services implementation" was organized in the premises of the lodging house. As well a study tour "Low threshold services extension in the town of Kuldiga" to low threshold cabinet in Kuldiga, Latvia was organized to familiarize and share experience among the personnel. During the study tour to Vilnius, staff members visited Lithuanian AIDS center, Vilnius Center for Addiction Disorders and Roma community, where they were able to know more about the low threshold cabinet activities, working methods with patients, mobile service provision, etc.

Main indicators:

  • Number of clients - 19;
  • Number of clients referred to MMT in Telšiai City - 3;
  • Number of visits - 579;
  • Number of distributed needles - 887;
  • Number of distributed syringes - 2931;
  • Number of needles collected - 880;
  • Number of syringes collected - 3040;
  • Number of distributed condoms - 433;
  • Number of health education provided - 522;
  • Number of consultations - 204;
  • Number of intermediation and representation - 110;
  • Number of personal hygiene and care services - 155.

UNODC budget

60,000.00 LTL