Project information

Project title

"HIV/AIDS prevention among injecting drug users, their family members and partners in Druskininkai City"
Duration 1 April 2009 - 31 December 2009
Project goal and objectives

Main goal of the project is to ensure accessibility to all HIV/AIDS prevention commodities and services for IDU's, their family members and partners.

Project objectives:

  • To expand harm reduction services for IDU's, their family members and partners in Druskininkai City (information, health education and teaching, consulting, mediation and representation, needle and syringe exchange, distribution of bandages, disinfectants, condoms, testing for HIV, HBV, HCV and other infections, provision of personal hygiene, care and transportation services, food provision).
  • To assess current injecting and other risky behaviour.
  • To spread information about the project.

During the project implementation Society helping drug users, people with AIDS and HIV positive provided different support for the clients:

  1. Information on services (needle and syringe exchange, distribution of spirit sponges and dressings), education on safe injection;
  2. Consultations on treatment, detoxification, pharmacotherapy with methadone and subutex, and psychological - social rehabilitation possibilities, as well on safer injecting drug use and safer sexual intercourse;
  3. Provision of HIV, hepatitis and other blood born infections testing for injecting drug users (IDUs), their family members and partners;
  4. Intermediation and representation of the clients in the health care and social service institutions, and labour exchange agency;
  5. Regularly and at the time convenient for the clients, organization of needle/syringe exchange, distribution of disinfectants, dressings and condoms;
  6. Binding up wounds and sores if needed.

All the services were provided free of charge, confidentially and flexible according to the clients' needs. An outreach service, i.e. social work in a closed IDU's groups was provided also. During the project implementation needle and syringe exchange took place in the IDUs living and gathering places. This is very important in such a small city, as IDUs do not want to publicize their problems. Organization organized secondary exchange through drug users and also changed needles/syringes and distributed other commodities in a renovated cabinet.

Main indicators:

  • Number of regular clients per year - 18;
  • Number of clients' visits per year - 1167;
  • Number of clients who started treatment in pharmacotherapy with methadone programme - 2;
  • Number of clients who started treatment in rehabilitation community - 1;
  • Number of consulted clients - 112;
  • Number of consulted IDUs family members and partners - 30;
  • Number of distributed needles and syringed per year - 3425;
  • Number of distributed condoms per year - 394;
  • Number of IDUs and their contact persons who were tested for HIV - 8;
  • Number of bound up wounds and sores per year - 41.

UNODC budget

10,000.00 LTL