Project information

Project title

"Help yourself and the others"
Duration 02 January 2009 - 31 December 2009
Project goal and objectives

The main goal of the project is to stop the spread of HIV in Alytus City and to improve the health and quality of life of people having drug dependency, to decrease their morbidity, mortality and spread of sexually transmitted infections among the drug users and in the society.

Project objectives:

  • To provide information, education and consultations.
  • To exchange used needles and syringes and to provide disinfectants for clients who inject drugs, thus reducing the possibilities of spreading the infection through the needles and syringes.
  • To test drug users and their contact people for HIV, hepatitis B and C, sexually transmitted diseases.
  • To increase the number of people at risk using the services of the centre "Pasitikėjimas" by attracting new clients .

During the project implementation low threshold cabinet premises were renovated: repaired entrance to the cabinet and renovated two premises in the cabinet. A bactericidal lamp was installed in a procedural cabinet. This had significantly improved the working conditions of the staff.

One outreach worker was trained for the outreach work and provided services according to the needs at home also. The secondary exchange was done by six individuals in total and this helped to reach more drug users, who did not want to come to the low threshold cabinet for the services.

In total 155 regular clients visited the cabinet and 35 new clients were reached during the project implementation. Two new HIV cases were found after the HIV testing done in the cabinet. The clients were informed about safer drug use, aiming to stop the transmission of the blood-borne infections.

Services provided:

1. Health education and information, aiming to reduce risky behaviour;

2. Information provision and consultations;

3. Organizing testing for HIV and other infectious diseases;

4. Provision of the needles, syringes, disinfectants and condoms;

5. Wounds and trophic sores ligature, dressing distribution;

6. Support with food, bedding, clothing and footwear.


Main indicators:

  • Number of clients - 155;
  • Number of visits - 6492;
  • Number of syringes distributed - 47614;
  • Number of needles distributed - 2509;
  • Number of syringes collected - 40770;
  • Number of needles collected - 7436;
  • Number of disinfectants distributed - 47622;
  • Number of condoms distributed - 1400;
  • Number of HIV tests - 80;
  • Number of clients consulted - 155;
  • Number of wounds and trophic sores dressings - 69;
  • Number of distributed bandages - 559;
  • Number of distributed plasters - 305;
  • Number of individuals in secondary exchange - 6;
  • Number of food and clothing support provisions - 62.

UNODC budget

47,857.00 LTL