Project information

Project title

"Increasing the knowledge of HIV/AIDS and treatment among prisoners and drug users"
Duration 20 February 2009 - 20 December 2009
Project goal and objectives

The main goal of the project is to ensure that the drug users have access to information on HIV/AIDS and treatment and to reduce the spread of infection.

Project objectives:

  • To create the measures that would help to increase the information and knowledge level and will help to reduce HIV spread among drug users.
  • To create and implement the measures, that would motivate the target groups to get more interested into the HIV/AIDS problem.

Implementing the project organization provided almost double amount of individual consultations than in was initially planned, also more than planned people were reached and lectures read. Consultations took place in different places, but most often in Klaipeda Centre for Addictive Disorders or in Anonymous Consultation Cabinet. Consultations were confidential and if needed or requested - anonymous. Clients were also consulted at home and in public places (cafeterias, parks, waiting for a visit to the doctor or during the walk in the street).

During the consultations and self-help groups held through the project period the target group members (drug users and people living with HIV/AIDS) found out more about HIV/AIDS and learned living with HIV/AIDS. This helped to increase client's self-trust and motivated them to improve their life.

Main indicators:

  • Number of individual consultations - 265;
  • Number of individuals consulted - 56;
  • Number of lectures - 15;
  • Number of groups - 1;
  • Number of self-help group visits - 24;
  • Number of group meetings - 7;
  • Number of disseminated information materials - 2000.

UNODC budget

29,500.00 LTL