Project information

Project title

"Improvement of life quality of HIV positive individuals in imprisonment settings"
Duration 01 January 2009 - 01 January 2010
Project goal and objectives

Main goal of the project is to motivate HIV positive imprisoned individuals to search for help and to start (learn) solve problems and difficult situations themselves.

Project objectives:

  • To help solve the social, medical, psychological and other problems of HIV positive imprisoned individuals during the consultations and to find best solutions.
  • To gather information about the behaviour of the target group, to identify possible HIV transmission factors, to identify specific behaviour models, social behaviour, etc., which should be changed applying targeted interventions, and to disseminate literature.
  • To motivate HIV positive individuals who uses drugs to look for help facing drug use, effect of drug use and HIV infection.
  • To inform the family members of HIV positive individuals about possible solutions solving HIV caused social problems.

Implementing the project NGO Social Risk Prevention Centre prepared and signed cooperation agreements with 7 imprisonment settings under the Lithuanian Prison Department. The cooperation agreements between NGO SRPC and the client as well as individual consultation and evaluation forms were prepared.

During the project 78 visits to the imprisonment settings took place, 216 cooperation agreements between the clients and NGO were signed. 216 primary consultations and 441 repeated consultations were carried out during the visits. 158 inmates participated in the group sessions. During the consultations and information provisions the following areas were analyzed and discussed: social, medical and legal.

In the run of the project the thematic (focus) groups were introduced in relation to the consultations' evaluation surveys and due to the expresses interest. Thematic sessions' topics: "Self management techniques", "Full-fledged communication", "Legal and social consulting", "Job orientation and career steps".

In total 158 men and 58 women participated in the project, all of them are HIV positive and have psychotropic substance dependency. As well during the project 97 consultations by phone took place and 44 meetings with the relatives of the HIV infected inmates, 19 of them are HIV positive also. 25 of the project participants who were released from the prison approached NGO Social Risk Prevention Centre in relation to different social and legal issues.

Main indicators:

  • Number of signed cooperation agreements between NGO and the client - 216;
  • Number of provided primary individual consultations - 216;
  • Number of provided repeated individual consultations - 441;
  • Number of conducted consultation sessions - discussions in focus groups - 18;
  • Number of inmates who participated in conducted consultation sessions - discussions in focus groups - 158;
  • Total amount of provided consultations - 815;
  • Number of consultations by phone - 97;
  • Number of consultations provided to the relatives of the HIV infected inmates - 44;
  • Number of consultations provided to the HIV infected inmates after their release form the imprisonment setting - 25.

UNODC budget

54,000.00 LTL