Project information

Project title

"Establishment of a cabinet for pharmacotherapy with methadone in Alytus City"
Duration 01 March 2010 - 01 November 2010
Project goal and objectives

The main goal of the project is to establish pharmacotherapy with methadone programme in order to expand comprehensive service package for  IDUs.

Project objectives:

  • To establish pharmacotherapy with methadone cabinet;
  • To implement pharmacotherapy with methadone programme;
  • To evaluate project results.

Activities implemented during the project implementation:

  1. Formulation of services provision team, personnel motivation increase.
  2. Experience sharing with the other centred implementing the programme.
  3. Development of technical documentation.
  4. Procurement of medical equipment and premises renovation.
  5. Renovation of premises and instalment of the cabinet.
  6. Ordering and receiving of medical documentation.
  7. Procurement of medical equipment, medical commodities and dispensers.
  8. Selection of patients.
  9. Analysis of annual data and effectiveness of methadone treatment.


  • Number of regular clients in PT - 15.
  • Number of new clients in PT - 18.
  • Dropout rate (%) -16.6 proc. (due to incarceration).Average maintenance dose of methadone - 62.6 ml.
  • % of patients receiving recommended maintenance dose - 60.
  • Availability of psychosocial support - yes.

UNODC budget

59,000.00 LTL