Project information

Project title

"Be safe and protect others"
Duration 01 March 2010 - 31 October 2010
Project goal and objectives

The main goal of the project is to provide knowledge about HIV/AIDS and to build capacity to avoid the risk of getting blood born infections among the inmates.

Project objectives:

  • Coordination and evaluation of the project activities.
  • Individual psychological consultations - in the areas of infectious disease, etc.
  • Individual dependency consultations;
  • Training seminars for the inmates IDUs;
  • Purchase of equipment;
  • Information in the newspaper.

During the project implementation 100 hours of individuals psychological consultations took place, 54 inmates participated. Individual dependency counsellor consultations also took 100 hour in total and 58 inmates participated in them. Educational seminars for inmates who are injecting drug users were conducted by 3 trainers, each of them had 12 seminars. For education seminars 3 training groups were formed: I group - 20 inmates, II group - 17 inmates, III group - 26 inmates. After each seminar participants filled in assessment surveys and majority of the inmates were satisfied with the trainings, received information and practical seminars. Majority of the participants request the extension of the seminars and more information.

The main impact of the project is related to the impact for seminar participants, i.e. for the inmates who were provided with quite a lot of information on health risk reduction. What was heard, understood and realized was evaluated not only using assessment surveys, but also applying feedback method. About 95% of participants had changed their opinion about health risks using drugs, remaining 5% had the understanding, but were lacking the knowledge.

Indirect impact of the project is that the seminar participants eagerly shared the received information with the other inmates and taught them what they had learned during the seminars. That was one of the project's objectives.

The long-term impact of the project is that quite a lot of inmates decide to stop using drugs and try to find the ways and support to do that.

UNODC budget

33,000.00 LTL