Project information

Project title

"Improvement of HIV/AIDS and drug use prevention among IDUs in Kaunas Remand Prison"
Duration 01 March 2010 - 01 November 2010
Project goal and objectives

The main goal of the project is HIV/AIDS and drug use prevention among IDUs in Kaunas Remand Prison.

Project objectives:

  • To implement targeted IDUs education and information programme;
  • To establish drug free environment;
  • To monitor and evaluate the project.

During the project implementation in total 261 individual consultations took place (68 participants: 65 - men, 3 - women) and 33 group sessions (96 participants), number of inmates who refused to participate in the project - 7. During the consultations tests, questionnaires and discussions were used.

Implementing the project radio messages were broadcasted through local Kaunas Remand Prison Radio. The messages included such topics: HIV/AIDS, prevention, general advice on health, information on drugs and their harm, consequences of drug use, etc. As the local radio broadcasts were heard also by individuals who do not use psychotropic substances, the prevention among was implemented also. Some of the inmates after they returned from the consultations to their cameras transmitted the received information to the other inmates. This way prevention during the project was implemented among the target group and the other people.

UNODC budget

20,005.84 LTL